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Feature Story

The ABC Green Home Brand Expands

From 1.0 to 1a and 1b, to 2.0, 3.0, 3a and 3b—the ABC Green Home brand, which delivers affordable and sustainable veteran housing, is expanding
By Jessica Burger

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Introducing ABC Green Home 3.0

ABC Green Homes 3.0 to Break Ground this Fall

Construction of the newest installment to the ABC Green Homes series is planned for this fall

By Jessica Burger

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View 3.0 Renderings

Updated Plans (08-05-2015)

ABC 2.0 Feature Story

Strategic Landscaping for ABC Green Home 2.0

The new ABC Green Home 2.0 features landscaping plans that encourage outdoor activity and energy efficiency.

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ABC 2.0 Feature Video

ABC Green Home Version 2 0 Sizzle Reel

ABC Green Home Version 2 0 Time Lapse

ABC Green Home Version 2 0 Interactive Guided Tour

ABC 1.0 Feature Video

The KTGY designed ABC Green Home 1.0 Project

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